Map in Chalkidiki

Deaf haven, a place full of memories. Here, according to legend, lived first with his daughter, Toroni, and also here herding flocks of seals in the sea god Poseidon.

The depths of the harbor immeasurably, but concentrates began a tunnel, leading, again according to the legend, as in Egypt, particularly the island of Faro. Of these parties also spent one day Heracles and fought with the sons of Neptune, buckwheat and Tilegono, and defeated them.

Later, the deaf became one of the two ports of ancient Toroni. And because the agitation of the open sea never reached as the water, just so they called him Kofos port. In this place, on an equally historic stone house, built the first four centuries ago at the entrance of the harbor at the foot of a hill, found the "Boukadoura." Tavern, overlooking the sea, which cools the permanently boukadoura, the sea breeze.

Why Boukadoura blew and brought with her all the pleasure. Now you do not need to go to Porto Koufos, just to get Bouboulina and Karaoli Demetriou next to the old pure.

Address: The tavernBoukadoura"located in Porto Koufos Halkidiki where you can see the entrance of the harbor the sea, just opposite the hotel Porto Koufos.

Tel: (23 750)51 012