In 1996 Makis Zafeirakos sets up 'Boukadoura' in Porto Koufo, Chalkidiki, having one goal; to leave his creative mark in the realm of culinary kitchen.

Boukadoura specializes in new dishes combined with authentic homemade cuisine that complements a complete and delicious menu, along with the excellent service and the exquisite customers’ care.

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The great receptiveness with which his effort was received in Porto Koufo, led to the opening of a new branch of 'Boukadoura' in Thessaloniki, just a few years later. Today the tavern 'Boukadoura' is standing out as the most creative and innovative restaurant, having the largest range of dishes and delicacies in its’ menu. From the very first visit someone can discern the difference. The menu includes a wide variety of flavours and choices (more than 100 different dishes).The food is served in a welcoming and warm environment with the direct and discreet service from the staff. 

Fresh products, selected from the local market as well as from large certified food companies, are delivered daily to ‘Boukadoura’, enabling its cuisine to include a unique variety of traditional dishes for which it is famous.  Many of the ingredients are produced by us and that is reflected in the quality and taste that distinguishes our dishes and cannot be found anywhere else.

The combination of using selected ingredients along with the traditional technique in preparing and cooking the dishes, offers a multitude of gastronomic options, that will not leave untouched even the most demanding palate! The fast service, the politeness and the genuine interest for the customer compliment the high level of services offered to our guests whether they enjoy lunch with their friends, or carry out their professional or social meetings, always in the most competitive prices.

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The 'Boukadoura' restaurants are ready to lead you to a delightful journey of gourmet tastes and unique experiences which will pleasantly surprise you. Here, according to myth, Proteus lived with his daughter Toroni. The depths of the port incalculable, but here was the beginning of a tunnel leading, according to myth, always up to Egypt, and in particular to the Faro island. Hercules, also, came to this place and fought victoriously against the two sons of Poseidon, Polygonos and Tilegonos. In later times the Porto Koufo became one of the two harbours of ancient Toroni. It was named Porto Koufo (deaf port), because the open sea's agitation never reached its waters.

Here, in an equally historic stone house, which was the first that was built four centuries ago right at the entrance of the port and close to the foothills, the "Βoukadoura" is literally nested in the cool shade of the trees and ‘flooded’ by both the culinary delights and the sea breeze.  A place full of memories and natural beauties.