Our Special Main Courses

The choices of the wise, his wife Maki, in the kitchen as a reference vegetables, salads and raw materials are always the best and perhaps the most expensive on the market.
As a reference fish and seafood is always selected by Maki, born and bred from Porto Koufos. As a good gun, so familiar fish like no other, and a cooking technique that will envy the best roast.
The style of the tavern is popular but with excellent service, with staff experienced and specially selected. As a reference price of tavern philosophy is:
"That's good to eat does not mean you have to pay and a lot of money".

Spetsofai Seafood

One of the best dishes of the tavern. We adopted the name from Spetsofai with sausages.

We put squid - Squid - Octopus and red pepper sauce. Serve in clay.



What is bougiampessa? Prototype not only in name but also in taste.

It is something between fish soup and Kakavia. A Portokoufiotiki recipe Angelina (of Ma)

from fishermen's success is based on the amount of fish greater than normal.

Especially soupopsara (groupers, scorpion fish) to chylosei.



One of the dishes highlighted boukadoura and Porto Koufos and outside the borders of Halkidiki

so many magazines are mentioned in Porto Koufos suggest you do not miss the excellent lobster.

A dish in which the Boukadoura builds again with its own unique way, lobster with amazing red

sauce, shrimp and of course served with lobster.